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There are few companies where so many colleagues are friends. That is our strength. Because you only want the best for friends. Because we know better together than alone. Because we sometimes come up with the best ideas outside of working hours. Because you're just telling the truth to friends. Fair and direct, even when it is difficult. We listen and are open to criticism. We give without immediately expecting anything in return.

Friendship only arises with equality. That is why you will not easily meet someone in a suit at Coolblue. The director just sits on the work floor. We don't like layers and boxes, but we like respect. Feel the difference between "How can I help you" and "What can I do for you". The latter is Coolblue.

Bij Coolblue krijg je de vrijheid om te doen wat je wilt. Het maakt niet uit of je nieuw bent, want er wordt gewoon naar je geluisterd en je krijgt de kans om inzichten te delen.
George Khedoe
George Khedoe Product Support Specialist

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