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Together, we work every day to build a healthy, sustainable future for people allaround the world.
At Enza Zaden you work in an open and informal culture where everyone is in for a joke.
Working with committed colleagues who all have a passion for the seed breeding industry.

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Enza Zaden is a vegetable breeding company that develops vegetable varieties. And produces and sells its seeds all over the world. We have made an animation to explain to you properly (and as briefly as possible) what we do.
The purpose of our work? To offer everyone worldwide access to healthy and varied vegetables, providing healthy live and living. With more than 2000 passionate colleagues all over the world, we work together every day on the vegetables of tomorrow. 

Would you like to know more about Enza Zaden as an employer? Then take a look at the Careers & Learning page or view our page on LinkedIn.

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Enza has been a family business since 1938 with an open and informal atmosphere. Currently the company is led by Jaap Mazereeuw, he is the third generation to run this wonderful company.
“All our employees are entrepreneurs” Piet Mazereeuw (CEO) already had it clear in mind. A successful company needs enterprising (active thinking) employees at all levels.
As a large international organization with many departments and specialisms, it is essential for Enza Zaden that all employees work well together.
At Enza Zaden, every employee gets a lot of freedom, independence and responsibility to perform tasks.

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